Central Heating

Boilings and Central Heating DriffieldWith the ever increasing cost of heating our homes, the central heating system is a vital part of any household. That is why many factors can be overlooked by the homeowner. Reviewing the system from time to time can be more cost efficient as well as reducing your carbon foot print. This could be anything from fitting thermostatic radiator valves, to a magnetic filter used to trap and remove corrosive deposits within the system or even a system power flush. If your looking to add a radiator/s to your system or relocate a radiator this can be done to your requirements.


System Power Flushing

It can be beneficial to regularly service your central heating system to prevent the build-up of scale and rust deposits which results in a black sludge. This will significantly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system making your boiler work harder to heat your home, resulting in higher energy costs as well as putting a strain on the systems components. Once a flush has taken place chemicals will then be added to help protect this. This usually takes between half a day to a day to complete and all depends on the size & number of radiators a system has.



A bathroom/shower room is an important room within any household that is used on a daily basis. So when it comes to updating or renovating a bathroom suite, it is important to get things right, whether it’s a like for like swop or a totally new configuration.

With the average bathroom suite lasting around 10-15 years there is always a demand to keep up with the latest styles and advances. This can be a minefield with many questions such as what type of shower should I go for, To fit tiles or wall cladding, or deciding on the best location for your sanitary ware. Your bathroom or en-suite should be functional and practical but also a place where you can unwind. So if you are unsure of the best approach, we can offer advice and guidance whatever your budget.


General Plumbing

General plumbing covers a vast range of work, whether it be a new water tank upgrade or kitchen sink. You may also require tiling work to be done which can be carried out to your requirements.

An example of some of the core plumbing work I cover are:- toilets, shower installations & repairs, hot water cylinders vented & unvented, water heaters, leaking pipes, tanks & overflows, tap replacements and water treatment inhibitors (See gallery for examples of completed work).

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